Women in Business Expo 2019


Roundtables provide an opportunity to network with peers, bringing together diversity and recruitment experts from leading organisations, across different sectors. Topics include tech recruitment, returning to work, women in tech and business services.

When purchasing your ticket you will have the option to register your interest to participate in the below roundtables. You will be emailed the entry criteria and asked to send your CV to for the next stage of the selection process. A member of the team will contact you with further details.


Wednesday 14th October, 12-1pm 

Encouraging Women into Technology Roles:

Technology companies are more focused on recruiting women than ever before and there is a lot of support from women-specific coding and tech groups. Hear from Janine Luk, Avast, on advice for getting started in a career in tech, and getting training and support. We’ll also discuss common challenges such as dealing with ‘imposter syndrome’ and share strategies for speaking up in a male-oriented environment.

Entry Criteria: Anyone in a technology role looking to grow their career; working in a technology company in non-tech capacity and wanting to convert to a tech-focused role; or anyone wanting to find a role in a tech company. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday 15th October, 12-1pm

Making a Career Change to a tech role:
Tami joined Avast in the HR department based in the London office. Two years later, she was so inspired by the people she met in the engineering teams that she made the decision to leave the company and do a coding course. She returned four months later to Avast as a junior software engineer in its Secure Browser team and is pursuing a tech career. She will share her insights from her decision to make a career change into tech and how she prepared for the transition.

Entry Criteria: Anyone in a technology role looking to grow their career; working in a technology company in non-tech capacity and wanting to convert to a tech-focused role; or anyone wanting to find a role in a tech company. Everyone is welcome!

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Wednesday 14th October, 10-11am | Thursday 15th October, 1-2pm

Join Katie George at our AWS Returners roundtable discussion to find out more about AWS, our culture and our commitment to hiring returning talent through our Returners initiatives across EMEA.

Are you ready to relaunch your career after an extended break? If you have been out of the workforce for 12 months or more, and are looking to return to work, then our program could be the perfect fit.

The AWS Returners Program is designed to support individuals like you with a seamless transition back into a permanent position, providing you with all the skills and knowledge needed for success. This kind of program isn’t exactly commonplace in the working world, but at Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have our own way of doing things. AWS is a place where thousands of different personalities with the same customer obsession come to turn can’t-be-done into done.

Entry Criteria: The session is open to returners who have been out of work for 1 year or more, ideally with cloud/tech experience e.g. Solution Architects, Security, Project Management, Agile project managers - professional services context (manage customer implementation/migration into the cloud stage)

Goldman Sachs

Wednesday 14th October, 1-2pm

How Goldman Sachs digitizes and automates our business processes.

Our Workflow Engineering team builds world-class technology solutions for automating all kinds of critical business processes across Goldman Sachs. Our platforms manage millions of tasks and business decisions, and run tens of thousands of workflows daily in order to guarantee that vital business operations run on time.

Join this interactive session to hear about how engineering teams supports the business to automate and digitise key business processes. Our engineers will discuss the platforms and products used across our divisions and the lifecycle of automating a business process:

  • How we design solutions
  • How we build development platforms to enable the firm to build consistent solutions across all business areas
  • How we engage with other engineering teams across the firm
  • How we are enabling non-engineers to build solutions

Entry Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree, preferably in a STEM subject, such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics etc
  • 2+ years of experience in building applications in a commercial environment
  • Experience of end to end design and implementation of software products
  • Hands-on experience with some of the latest technologies used to build rich web, desktop, and mobile apps (e.g. HTML5, CSS, React or Angular, TypeScript/ES6, Redux/NgRx, RxJS, etc)

Thursday 15th October, 10-11am

    How Goldman Sachs builds scalable, feature-rich platforms:

    At Goldman Sachs, we help our clients buy and sell financial products on exchanges around the world, raise funding, and manage risk. To best serve our clients, we need to deliver superior execution quality across a wide range of global markets, with a seamless experience.

    Our engineering teams have been re-platforming our equities execution stack all the way through our trade lifecycle, from trade entry, to execution, to booking and settlement, and to post trade analysis. We work across more than 50 markets globally, prioritising flexibility, speed, resiliency and scale. Join Risa Lederhandler, managing director in Global Markets Engineering, for an interactive discussion on how our engineers implement high-quality, innovative and smart solutions for the challenges clients face.

    Entry Criteria:

    • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree, preferably in a STEM subject, such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics etc
    • 6+ years of experience in building applications in a commercial environment
    • Experience in software development, including a clear understanding of data structures, algorithms and software design
    • Knowledge of one of the core programming concepts
    • Java/HTML5/Javascript/Angular, or C# or interpreted such as Python
    • Previous experience working in financial services is preferred but not a hard requirement
    • Evidence of clear trajectory in positions is also preferred but not a hard requirement


    Wednesday 14th October, 4-5pm 

    Too Much or Not Enough? Experiences of Women in Technical Leadership: 

    As a female in technical leadership, are you technical enough, or can you be too technical? What lessons can successful female leaders pass onto the women in tech at all stages of their careers? Join this discussion with Kate Rosenshine, one of Microsoft's senior technical leaders, and a panel of women in technical leadership to listen to their experiences and share your own..

    Entry Criteria: Women in Technical Leadership Positions e.g. CIO, CTO, CDO, CISO, VP, Director, Cloud / Digital Transformation / Product Development / Tech Strategy leads, 10 years’ experience

    Thursday 15th October, 11-12pm

    The importance of female role models in technology

    The absence of visible female role models in technology is hampering efforts to attract girls into STEM and women into technical careers. It's a responsibility for all of us to be a role model for the next generation of women in tech, but how can we ensure that we are seen and heard, and that the myths and stereotypes around techies are not perpetuated? Join the conversation with Jane Pitt, Programme Manager at Microsoft, to explore ways that we can all make a difference.

    Entry Criteria: Women in Technical Positions e.g. Solution Architects, Engineers, Developers, Programmers, Data Scientists, Security Engineer, Network Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, IT Manager / Director


    Wednesday 14th October, 11-12pm 

    Returning to work – an insider’s guide:

    In the fast-moving world, career breaks or gaps in employment on a cv can be deemed negative, sometimes making a candidate less appealing to an employer compared to those still in role. When this happens it can be a little difficult to find your way back into what you love doing best, an that’s where we come in.

    Sky Returners offers you a way back, a chance to brush off the dust, build up your confidence with supportive coaching to get you up to speed. At Sky we believe in trust and empowerment so we will pay you from the start, also making sure you have all the training and mentoring needed to get you back up and running in no time.

    This roundtable session will explore some of the key barriers to returning to work and offer practical advice and build confidence to transition back to work. We’ll also hear first-hand experience from some of the people that have been through the Sky Returners programme including Laura Murphy who was named in the Management Today ‘Power Returners 2020’ list. Laura and Kate will also be sharing more information on the 2021 Sky Returners Programme.

    Entry Criteria: The session is open to returners who have been off work for a minimum of 2 years and come from a technology background.

    Starling Bank 

    Wednesday 14th October, 3-4pm

    Reach for the Stars
    Banking Female-Led Businesses. In this Roundtable, Starling Bank's Jade Evans has brought together inspiring female entrepreneurs and business customers to share top tips, growing pains and war stories from building their brands and growing their businesses. From finding support in different communities to maximising success with good money management, listen in as they share their learnings and insights and talk a bit about business banking.

    Join Jade after the discussion to find out more about Starling Bank and ask your own questions!

    Entry Criteria: The session is open to everyone! First come, first served basis.

    Heart Centred Business 

    Thursday 15th October, 3-4pm

    How to double your income, increase your client lifetime value & create an outstanding customer experience:

    Most businesses do this one key thing wrong!

    Many businesses have a client lifetime value of under £1000 and find themselves stuck in a low revenue ‘bums on seats’ business model. Over time, this can lead to business owner burn-out and marketing fatigue.

    Fundamentally, the issue is focusing on solving small problems rather than large problems for their clients.

    This roundtable discussion will explore how to use Heart Centred Sales and outstanding customer service to start solving bigger challenges for your clients. This will massively increase your client lifetime value and revenue whilst decreasing your marketing spend and marketing efforts.

    Interested in attending a roundtable?

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