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Michelle Willis

Head of Technology Operations. Vodafone UK

Michelle Willis is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the Telecomms industry, currently holding the position of Head of Technology Operations at Vodafone UK. In addition to her current role, Michelle has held senior positions at Pure Planet, Virgin Media, EE and 3 Mobile, specialising in the management and governance of Network Operations.

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Day 1 – 16 October 2019

Women in Tech

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you’ – Advancing your career in business

In her seminar, Michelle will be discussing the challenges facing women at different stage of their careers, and offering practical advice on the decision-making needed to overcome these challenges and advance your career. Drawing from personal experiences and learnings, Michelle will focus on:

  • Understanding and appreciating your own self-worth and value to a business
  • Owning your achievements and having the ability to showcase them to your advantage
  • Turning perceived weaknesses into hidden strengths
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