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Lee Andrews

Head of Talent Acquisition, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. IBM

Lee has been designing and leading the delivery of Talent services for the world's leading enterprises in the Technology sector for more than 15 years. Lee is currently Head of Talent Acquisition for IBM Europe, Middle-East & Africa, leading a team of >300 Talent professionals and accountable for hiring thousands of new IBMers each year. Lee is a regular speaker at HR & Talent conferences, often sharing IBM's own Talent Acquisition reinvention journey, particularly focusing on digitization and AI.

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Day 1 – 16 October 2019


Using A.I. to augment recruiting, enhance diversity & mitigate bias

As Head of Talent Acquisition, Lee will explore the need to reinvent recruiting in the 21st century using artificial intelligence. He will then discuss how A.I. can be used to improve hiring, enhance diversity and inclusion, and mitigate bias throughout the talent lifecycle.

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