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Estelle Keeber

Co Founder. Mums in Business Association (MIBA)

Estelle Keeber is a businesswoman extraordinaire, and co-founder of the Mums in Business Association (MIBA). Estelle started MIBA with her sister, Leona Burton, and in 2 short years, they have grown the network to just over 32,000 members worldwide. Estelle and Leona are driven by the purpose of serving mothers in business, and they have established networking groups in various countries, including England and Australia.

Estelle understands the feeling of going it alone: in 2016, she was a struggling single mother of 2 who had to rely on food banks. It’s a position that she wants no other mother to have to be in, so she joined forces with Leona to create a network to support, empower and help mothers to build the best businesses they can.

Estelle is a self-confessed Instagram addict, and she has mastered social media well. MIBA has benefited from this, with a combined social media following of over 65k, and with one of their top live streams reaching over 20k, a massive achievement. She has been invited to speak to an audience of 700 people from 23 different countries at The Success Summit, and her speaking style is warm, engaging and full of quality, actionable content.

Estelle is passionate about training, and she has created a number of courses that women can access online.

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