Who will visit Women in Business Expo?

Meet our visitors

Women in Business Expo Virtual is a must-attend event for all women at any stage of their professional journey. 


Profile image of Liz who's a career woman

Promotion in senior role, salary increase and bonus recognition.

Career Professionals

Why should they attend the event?

  • To meet companies looking to recruit female talent
  • Networking with similar profile women
  • Take part in roundtables
  • Hear inspirational speakers and go to insightful seminars


Profile image of Kate who's a business owner

Continue flexible working, build business and ensure a good work life balance.

Business Owners

Why should they attend the event?

  • Looking for ways to improve the business and cost savings
  • Learn and invest in the latest technologies
  • Look at solutions to facilitate flexible working and better work space
  • Networking with local like-minded business owners
  • Inspiration from Keynote speakers


Profile image of Ivona who's looking to start her own business

Wants to make a change – keen to start own business.

Business Starters

Why should they attend the event?

  • Listen to world class female business leaders
  • Gain inspiration network and business ideas
  • Looking for business services to support start up
  • Would consider franchise, investment portfolio or partnership


Profile image of Alex who's a mother returning to work

To succeed at work and as a parent with good work/life balance and a job with flexible work hours.

Career Returners

Why should they attend the event?

  • Find career opportunities that have flexible hours
  • Speak to local recruitment agencies and mothers’ job sites