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Building Long-Term Success for You and Your Customers

By Harriet Ansell, Customer Success Manager (EMEA), Maximizer CRM

Building Long-Term Success for You and Your Customers

By 2020, 88% of customers will expect a personalised experience and this is set to take over price and product as brand differentiator. (Walker Customer Experience 2020).

What should you do as a business to ensure you keep your customers coming back?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Customer Success, it’s a methodology that is all about proactive communication with your customers, to discover their goals, help solve their challenges and build mutual long-term business success.

This win-win approach means that customers are less likely to leave, more likely to upsell and also recommend you to their associates or network.

Some think that Customer Success means that you have to have a specialised team or department, but the methodologies can be leveraged by all, from sole-traders to large corporations.

So what can you start doing today?

Take stock by evaluating your current set up in terms of people, processes and data.


Clarify your business objectives internally, and empower you and your team with the right tools to manage these practices. This could include tools like survey software, or CRM to track success metrics. Having people dedicated to acting as the ‘voice’ of the customer, you will form deeper connections with your clients. Approaching customers without your sales hat on, often leads to honest and productive feedback.


Customer success can help limit time-to-value for your customers; the faster they are up and running, the sooner they are gaining value from your product, the more likely you are to retain a happy customer.

Think about your process for ‘on-boarding’ a new customer…

How do you currently communicate with customers and record interactions?
What is your existing customer experience like?
Do you have ways to measure and monitor it?

Rather than dealing with issues as they arise, it’s about having regular interactions, which can provide you with valuable predictive data.


Being able to see the history of all interactions, gives you the opportunity to have more meaningful conversations with your customers, building trust, loyalty and advocacy. Having the right technology to capture your customer data is critical. The more you understand your customer, the more you can improve what you offer. In order to bring real value to each customer touch-point, Maximizer CRM has integrated Marketing, Sales and Customer Service modules to help businesses provide the personalised experiences that keeps customers happy, and coming back.

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