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By Sandstone Yoga


It’s such a shock when it happens isn’t it? I finally admitted to myself I was going through the menopause when my usual 8-9 hours of sleep became broken, I would break out in sweats just driving & crying when people were eliminated on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I remember screaming at my teenage kids & then realising I sounded like my mom, with whom I suddenly felt more bonded than ever! How did this happen? I am just not old in my head? Fortunately, I remembered my old friend YOGA who has comforted & rebalanced me completely throughout every life stage and life change since my teenage years so naturally I rolled out my mat …

Ok so having admitted it was happening & there was nothing I could do about it I started to research the menopause. I soon realised I had had some mild symptoms of the perimenopause for at least a year.

I also found out that symptoms can change over time & last several years. I also quickly noted this was at least a 3 pronged metamorphis with physiological, psychological & emotional changes to manoeuvre. I knew yoga could help to work on all of these challenges.

Some of the main symptoms of menopause are anxiety, irritability and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Our Vata (an ayuevedic term) increases during this life stage. We feel less anchored and more turbulent inside.

Yoga can help women to manage these emotions with yoga poses that calm the mind, soothe the nerves and feel grounded. Yoga poses such as forward folds are excellent here. Poses such as standing forward bends including those with wide legs are great. Hold them for at least 5 breaths. Come up slowly from them, allow the blood pressure to stabilise and go forward and down again. Take a little backbend in between each round too. Make sure the knees are bent if you need – the hands must touch the floor or lean on a bolster to help.

Over the coming weeks I will be giving more insight into how yoga can help you but start with these particularly at night. They will really help calm those inner storms for now.

“Our mothers were largely silent about what happened to them as they passed through this midlife change. But a new generation of women has already started to break the wall of silence.”
Trisha Posner

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