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Closing the gap with online learning: women in the tech industry

By Learning People

Closing the gap with online learning: women in the tech industry

The tech industry is experiencing a massive gender imbalance with only 7% of positions being filled by women. This lack of female representation is greatly restricting the industry with evidence suggesting it affects many elements of a company’s success.

Having a diverse workforce is vital to improving processes and aiding innovation. A key issue here, is unconscious bias. If companies are led by a majority of men, it may mean there are fewer opportunities for women and a lack of representation for women, making it harder for women to have a successful career in tech.

As well as this, a male-dominated industry can result in female-orientated products not gaining the same improvements and attention as products aimed towards men. A more diverse workforce means making sure everyone has the same opportunity to get involved and to contribute to a business, their ideas, and products. There is a wealth of opportunities for women to break through the underlying stereotypes and make a positive impact with technology.

Learning People is an online training company with the aim of closing this gender gap

and helping women to achieve their dream jobs in the tech industry.

Why should you consider the tech industry?

  • ● A high demand for skilled professionals
  • ● Gain a sustainable career
  • ● Competitive salaries from entry level roles
  • ● Opportunities to work from home
  • ● Become a role model for the future generation

How can we help?

We offer industry leading certifications that are globally recognised and regularly updated to keep them relevant. The courses are based completely online to form a flexible learning experience that can suit any lifestyle.

Your journey with us begins with a unique and in-depth career consultation to identify the perfect, personalised training package. Your goals, key skills and experience will be evaluated and you are supported all the way up until your future employment.

Get employed with Learning People

October saw the launch of our new Career Services, offering a hands-on, practical guide to your job search. You’ll have one-to-one coaching with a career service consultant to build your confidence and plan your future.

During your studies, you will receive dedicated Careers Services eBooks, offering insight into the job market with tailored support and advice. We’ll share toolkits to guide you through creating your CV, LinkedIn profile and a stand-out cover letter. You’ll be coached with interview tips and techniques alongside tailored support to create a clear action plan moving forward.

To find out more about our online training packages, see us at Women In Business Expo (Stand H36) or visit www.learningpeople.com.

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