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An award winning formula to smash your business goals

By Elation Experts

An award winning formula to smash your business goals

How can I build a more successful business?

How can I achieve better sales results?

What are the best of the best doing?

These are questions that all serious business professionals are pre-occupied with. Whether you have run many businesses, are striving to excel at sales targets, or are beginning the adventure of starting a new business, finding a way not to fail is on all of our minds.

The real truth is that in world class businesses who achieve sales success on a consistent basis there are a few key characteristics in place. There is no magic – there is no secret formula they just do a few things consistently that assure success.

Over the past 20 years I have followed a career that has led me from managing teams of over 400 people in corporate sales departments to coaching small business owners to build their first business. Throughout that experience I see the criteria for success ever more clearly in the great business I work with, both large and small.

The three critical principles of sales success are on paper quite simple – world class businesses master these simple things:

  • They have exceptional Sales Process – the processes and practices that define the customer experience are exceptional. The whole business works in a client led way and the customer has the red carpet treatment in all interactions with the business.
  • They master high quality Sales Communications – a business that takes seriously the way that it talks to its clients really thrives. They define a brand tone of voice and this filters through all of their messaging. They provide clear guidelines for how each interaction is handled with their clients to ensure that their brand messaging gets through every time.
  • They understand the value of great Sales Management. Sales Management is about way more than what figures your team hit, sales is a practical skill, a skill that requires a combination of great mindset and great technique. Getting these things right is a job of a careful balance of recruitment, induction, coaching and culture. Businesses who really thrive invest time getting these things right.

If any of these things sound easy to you then you might just have perfected the key formula for business success. If you haven’t then you could probably do with exploring the Growth Framework.

The Growth Framework is a business system that provides you with the tools and techniques that are needed to help you master the business practices that will make you truly world class.

Whether you are looking for a more effective team, a more consistent source of clients, a more streamlined business, or simply want to ensure you are the most successful business person you can be, understanding how to apply the most effective business growth tool in the UK will give you the guidance you need.

We are all trying to do our best in business but sometimes a clear set of steps allow us to get the focus that we really need to achieve our potential.

Follow the Growth Framework to get yourself on the track to success.


If you would like to chat to Karen Dunne-Squire, creator of the Growth Framework, join us on stand F13 for a drinks reception at 4pm on Day One of Women in Business.

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